Future Design Agency

Anyone who fights through forty-hour work week is in windowless creative offices would be happy inside such green design agency. Humankind is rapidly becoming an indoor-only species, and the thought of being outdoors has now become more of a vacation idea than a way of life.


Some of us tend to make minor changes to our office lifestyle and try to incorporate a few ‘green’ additions to our way of life. I saw design agency overcrowded by many plastic plants… Differences between natural and fake plant is only possible to notice when you look closely. In the end it is not cool.


Design agency should provide real services and show real interior instead of fake. While the urban concrete jungle provides very little space for the addition of eco-friendly, natural delights to our home, living walls are a wonderful exception.


With amazing development in hydroponics and innovative new designs, green walls are now both cool and contemporary in every sense of the word! Seems we have an new issue to design agency we saw. Lets through all plastic plants outside and grab a small peace of nature inside…

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